• Well known writers who self published

  • Posted on June 20, 2013
  • Well known writers who self published

    When you listen to writers, both the well-known ones of yesteryears and the modern-day ones, they've comparable stories about publishing. Their manuscripts are denied by so many publishers. But, thankfully most authors are trying different things instead of quitting. They turn to self publishing to get their books to the target markets.

    In some cases, self publishing is the best option and quite often it is the only way for writers to see their book in the market. Several of the famous writers who self published:

    · Walt Whitman

    · Mark Twain

    · Stephen King

    · T.S Elliot 

    · John Grisham

    · James Joyce

    · Edgar Allan Poe.

    They are just a few of the renowned writers who have published their books and earn the bestseller status. If they did not take this drastic action from early on, you would then not find classics such as The House of Usher; Huckleberry Finn and Tamerlane. Some of these writers still publish their books even after they became famous, which enables them to maintain full control of the marketing. They gained more profits in the process. They didn't quit after the major publishers rejected their work and end up selling countless copies for their own initiatives.

    Effective book marketing is an essential part in self-publishing. Sometimes, you will encounter authors will proceed to self publishing after having an idea, without thinking of the marketing factor. In reality, if you want to achieve success then marketing should touch on every part of the project. Good marketing will certainly help a lot in reaching your desired market.

    As you can see, there are lots of famous authors that have received tremendous success from self-published work. You'll definitely be in good company if you decide to publish your own masterpiece. If you think maybe that you cannot do the self publishing successfully on your own, then you could spend cash to get your manuscript edited, proof read and polished by professional. This is a small price to pay if you want to prevent refusal as an aspiring author.

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